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Tonic Ball Lessons

Every year, we get a smattering of questions about how to attend Tonic Ball.
Are ball gowns and black ties required?
We neither encourage nor discourage formal attire.
Will gin & tonics be provided gratis?
The answer is a confident “no,” unless you have a sugarmama or sugardaddy in tow — and that’s none of our business.
When you say “sold out” do you mean “sold out”?
Yes. But keep an eye out for a dude with a red beard hawking last-minute releases, because that’s been known to happen.

tonicballlineupBut for more answers, we’ve turned to some longtime Tonic Ballers from our Facebook and Twitter pages and come up with several additional tips for the night.

For audience members:

  • Smaller venues fill up fast. Come early and stay put if you want to see a smaller venue act. (Ed: See the schedule to strategize.)
  • Be prepared to stand outside. Wear a coat that will keep you warm but isn’t terribly bulky to hold or stash once inside. Seems logical and yet…
  • From our leader, Matt Mays: It’s going to be cold. Plan for that and remember that there’s usually room in the Fountain Square Theatre if you need a warm up. Plenty of good music in there, too.
  • Dress accordingly.
  • Bring a jacket and a scarf. Drink lots of water. Pace yourself.

For musicians:

  • Be nice to the stage managers and all volunteers! Be patient, have fun!
  • Show up early or the beer will be gone. Show up early or you won’t play. Stay late to see who does something amazing. Remember that it’s a fundraiser for the hungry. Have a blast.
  • Remember your guitar cord and the chords you will play on the guitar. Have a good time and be pleased you’re a part of it!
  • Drink water.