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Guest Post: Beneficence Records, Behind the Music

Almost a year has gone, and it is, yet again, early November again in Central Indiana. So, Tonic Ball 17 is just around the corner, and I could not be more excited for it. Up until the winter months of last year I was not too familiar with Tonic Ball.

But that changed when I became a part of an immersive project through Ball State University. The project ended up resurrecting an old record label concept appropriately named Beneficence Records. Through this record label, we were to produce a charity benefit album in reflection of Tonic Ball 16. We pulled in local musicians who were covering legendary musical acts of the last century, taking their renditions and putting it on an LP. Almost all the money made from this record would in turn make its way towards Second Helpings, the main recipient of Tonic Ball’s annual fundraising benefit concert.

Records for a Reason - Beneficence Records Vol 1 Benefiting Second HelpingsThrough my involvement, I was learning about everything that went into Tonic Ball and everything that had to do with Second Helpings. I am an Indianapolis-area native… but I was learning more and more about a community I thought I was already so familiar with.

Today, we are a handful of months removed from releasing our debut record “Records For A Reason: Volume 1,” and there has still been so much work we have had to do. In preparation for Tonic Ball we have been promoting the physical release of our record that comes in the form of a double LP. You can find us stationed at Tonic Ball if you’re looking to purchase a record, as well. With all of this, we want people to know that our effort on this record is an extension of Tonic Ball. We worked tirelessly to curate an album that was as eclectic and exciting as Tonic Ball’s choice of artists who were being covered and the local artists who participated. We want to share this record with anyone that is willing to listen, as we feel the presence of the arts community within Indianapolis and Central Indiana must be continuously celebrated.

Beneficence Records looks forward to the success of Tonic Ball 17 and for the future relations between Beneficence Records and Tonic Ball as a whole. Be sure to look for us next month at Tonic Ball and pick up an album, which you may also stream on Apple Music, Spotify, etc (get access to all the streaming services on our website). Can’t make it this year? The LP is also for sale online. Help support your local community! 

About the author:
Maxwell Denari is a photographer and writer for Beneficence Records, as well as a student at Ball State University.