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Tonic Ball 12!

We’ve got some big news about Tonic Ball 12, but we weren’t quite sure how to tell you. At first, we wanted you to come to this page and see a big headline reading, Tonic Ball 12: Nothin’ Left to do but Smile, Smile, Smile. We  toyed with, Tonic Ball 12: With Your Feet on the Air and Your Head on the Ground. But we also thought, Tonic Ball 12: Make it Last All Night. Ultimately, we couldn’t decide.

In the end, we really just wanted you to know, like our friend Kathy wrote in the Indianapolis Star, that Tonic Ball 12 will celebrate the music of The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty and the Pixies.

On Friday, November 22nd, we’ll be shaking our bones in the Fountain Square Theatre, getting loud-quiet-loud in the White Rabbit and won’t back down at Radio Radio. We’re also bringing back Tiny Tonic to rock the kids, and Tonic Gallery to get some of Indy’s best visual artists in on the fun too. It’s one of Indy’s greatest nights of art and music, all to fight hunger and poverty with Second Helpings.

Do you have a band and want to play this year’s concert? Submit your band here.

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot in the works for this year’s ball!