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Q: How Many Artists Does It Take To Make A Great Tonic Gallery?

A: all of them. (We count 46.)

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who donated pieces to this year’s amazing gallery:

  • Casey Jo Ailes
  • Bill Anderson
  • Susan Brewer
  • Tim Centers
  • Emily Clark
  • John Clark
  • Susan Fletcher Conaway
  • Justin Cooper
  • Douglas David
  • Lindsey Davidson
  • Rob Day
  • Larry Endicott
  • Allison Ford
  • Pam Fraizer
  • Mab Graves
  • Steve Hubert
  • Andrew Hutchinson
  • Natalie Ingle
  • Jeff Jeffries
  • Josh Johnson
  • Eric Kass
  • Flounder Lee
  • Jeff Litsey
  • Luke Kroh
  • Amy McAdams
  • Maryann Nguyen
  • Amy Noblit
  • Polina Osherov
  • Emma Overman
  • Michelle Pemberton
  • Yasha Perrson
  • Billy Phillips
  • Kyle Ragsdale
  • Kenneth Rhem
  • Casey Roberts
  • Laura Kivela Schroeder
  • Jason Roemer and Aaron Scamihorn
  • Jessica Sowls
  • John Spitznogle
  • Eric Stine
  • Amanda Stirn
  • Judith Sturges
  • Ben Traub
  • Ryan VanHoy
  • Joe Vondersaar
  • Amy Ward

If you haven’t seen it, stop by New Day Meadery in Fountain Square–and make your plans to attend Tonic Gallery on November 19. Bid early and often–all the proceeds support the best cause we know!

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  • Melissa Bruhn
    Posted November 22, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Really enjoyed the whole event! New Day Meadery awesome setting for Silent Auction. Love my new piece by Billy Phillips. Does anyone have an e-mail address or home address for him. I’d like to stay in contact.

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